Discover our applications at the service of production activities

The T.fabrica solutions includes different application modules for production activities management. The high flexibility and modularity of the system allows to customize the platform according to the needs of the Client.

Executive scheduling and planning

Plan the usage and availability of all production resources to improve the efficiency of production capabilities and delivery times.
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Operational control and production and plants data collection

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Materials, logistics and traceability management

It manages, controls and traces the usage of materials optimally and efficiently through the whole production cycle.
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Orders management

It manages the acquisition of client orders and production demands to generate the correct work orders on the most appropriate resources
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Human Resources management

It manages all information of skills and certification for operators and enables the planning of shifts and teams.
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Plant and asset management

It maintains the control of work centers, plants and all production compartment tools and devices to make management more efficient. From operational restrictions to recipes
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Quality management

Integration of quality management and control activities with production compartment
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Performance analysis, factory cockpit and KPI

It manages OEE, Performance and the most important KPIs through real rime monitoring of all indicators
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Company processes integration

It integrates company applications seamlessly, from ERP to PLM to enable full process integration
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OT integration

It collects information from plants, devices and sensors employing the potential of the IoT integration
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CLOUD & EDGE computing in service of production

It controls all production aspects from any place and anytime
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