Maximizing and ensuring an efficient usage of production assets is vitally important to manage the production process.

The applications of asset management of the t.fabrica platform allow to manage all information related to production plants, to minimize down times and to plan operational availability in the best way.

Work centers and plants management

  • Work centers and plants master data
  • Restrictions management
  • Log book and maintenance plans management
  • Performance management
  • Operational recipes and practices
  • Gestione intuitiva e semplificata attraverso diverse viste dati
  • Plant state monitoring
  • History usage

Tool and device management

  • Master data
  • Restrictions management
  • Operational recipes and practices
  • History usage
  • Maximization of process efficiency (maximizing up-time)
  • Prevention and improvement of plant maintenance
  • Greater performance efficiency of the production process
  • Reduction of manufacturing waste