Ensuring higher and higher standards of product quality entails the management of quality requirements.

The module allows to integrate quality assurance with production supervision to improve process management and ensure quality control in all production phases.

Planning, controlling and reacting to process quality anomalies becomes the key to manage uninterrupted improvement.

  • Definition and management of control plans
  • Checks on incoming raw materials
  • Control data collection (PDA & MDA)
  • Management of certificates and supplier compliance
  • Management of sampling plans
  • Collection and cataloging of samples
  • Management of product tests in all its phases
  • Collection of defects in the process
  • Analysis of defects and rejection causes
  • Control reports
  • Statistical process control (SPC)
  • Documentation management to support quality practices
  • Minimization of quality problems detection times by suppliers
  • Scrap reduction by avoiding non-compliant raw materials to reach production process
  • Complete overview of the entire quality check process thanks to the management of control plans, from incoming materials to the shipment of the final product
  • Costs reduction by using dynamic and conditional control plans according to the materials employed and to the production process
  • Lower production costs due to the reduction of scrap and rework
  • Increasing of production process efficiency through a proactive management of quality practices integrated with the production process management
  • Complete overview of the entire quality check process, by tracing all the actions of quality inspection and the tests related to product data and manufacturing assets
  • Increasing of Client satisfaction