Integrating company processes vertically and horizontally is one of the key goals for an evolution towards the smart industry. And all of this passes through the possibility to manage the data coming from different applications in a simple way.

T.fabrica, via the Andromeda applications, allows a quick integration based on open standards to allow company applications to communicate to each other and to simplify the integration among processes.

The integration of information from ERP, PLM and other systems involved, “from” and “to” the production management system, contributes to improve efficiency and quality.

  • API of t.fabrica data access
  • API of data reception from external information systems
  • Customizable workflow of events communication
  • ERP integration for t.fabrica applications
    • Data master reception
    • Production orders reception
    • Bidirectional communication of data related to warehouse handling
    • Exchange of data related to production orders progress such as orders status, produced quantities, waste etc.
    • Master data for workforce
    • Data exchange for more features related to t.fabrica modules
      Specific connectors for SAP
  • All company information systems are updated real time
  • Consistent and accurate management of information according to the area of reference
  • Prompt reaction to events of company compartments