The human factor is central in the whole production process, even in the most modern paradigms of smart factory.

Being able to manage the right skills on each operation and activity is an essential factor to obtain the maximum process efficiency
This application allows to manage all the aspects related to Human Resources, to catalog the skills and allow every resource to fully express their potential through modern tools of production staff management.

  • Workforce management
  • Management and definition of work teams
  • Assignment of tasks and skills
  • Payroll
  • Definition of work shifts
  • Planning and assignment of shifts
  • Attendance check
  • Planning of operator training
  • Change of shift information management and shift operator register
  • Complete view of skills coverage on planned activities
  • Simplification of communication between operators on tasks and process activities
  • Greater transparency of information between different shifts to minimize problem solving times
  • Optimizing production efficiency assigning the right resources to the right process
  • Improvement of training activities management