Manage punctual and reliable work plans keeping all production resources under control real time with the short time planning and scheduling solution by t.fabrica.

If you have an APS system the executive planning module allows to enhance efficiency, thanks to the management and editing of schedules and plans. How is that? Through real time management of work plans and by integrating vertically the APS and ERP with the information and corrections operated, considering what happens real time on the shop floor.

  • Timetables of operators and plants operation planning
  • Management of activities scheduling and sequencing
  • Management of operators and plants performance and capabilities
  • Management of work plans
  • Intuitive and simplified management through different data views
  • Integration with APS and ERP systems for a more efficient process integration
  • Fulfilling delivery times and improving customer service
  • Reducing production lead time thanks to the opportunity of intervening real time on shop floor incidents
  • Identifying potential critical materials and bottlenecks
  • Optimizing stock levels
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving production planning and reducing the times required to prepare work, thanks to the integration with all MES modules
  • Optimizing capabilities and reducing installation costs
  • Avoiding unnecessary inactive times
  • Synchronizing efficiently different planning activities for complex production processes, thanks to the easy integration with APS and ERP systems.