In the era of smart industries it is essential to be able to access applications of information control and collection any time and through different types of devices.

The t.fabrica applications meet this requirement, because they can be made available exploiting multiple installation possibilities, allowing maximum flexibility and adaptability to any IT infrastructure.

The nature of the platform oriented to services allows the system itself to scale together with the company needs, optimizing the return of the IT investment.

In addition, t.fabrica uses the abilities of edge computing to elaborate information in proximity of the plants, collecting and moving only the necessary data towards the company applications.

  • Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Prem installations
  • Usage of application containers on edge computing
  • Usage of applications via WEB & Mobile
  • Management of compliance with Cyber security systems
  • Total accessibility to system features
  • Scalable architecture for a better adaptability to company infrastructure
  • Data collection and aggregation
  • Local and decentered data memorization
  • Monitoring based on IA
  • Machine-to-machine communication (communication both among terminals and with a centralized unit, that acts as monitoring authority)