Interconnecting plants, people and processes is the solution to harness and make the most of production compartment management.

T.fabrica includes an interconnection layer which is accessible from all its applications and which allows to connect PLC, sensors, numerically controlled machines, IoT devices in order to collect and exchange information with the OT world.

T.fabrica is Alleantia certified, a company that uses IoT to interconnect all types of machines, contributing to the growth of the Italian industry sector and following the influences of IT and OT global markets.

  • IoT connectivity based on industrial gateways
  • OPC/OPC UA standards for the dialogue towards PLC
  • REST and MQTT protocols usage for the dialogue with high level applications
  • Connectivity and information collection from PLC,Sensors, IoT devices in a way that is simple and perfectly integrated with MES applications
  • Alleantia Certified to connect your devices and CNC
  • Simplification of information collection from machines and plants
  • Implementation of real time monitoring logics on machines and operations through the real time collection of all process information
  • Logical abilities of data driven control and reaction
  • Connection of different company applications ensuring the passage of information among physical assets and IT systems