Managing the activities on MES system through production orders allows to maximize all the benefits of adopting such platform.
In case it is not possible to fulfill these orders from an ERP system it becomes vital to be able to generate them to plan and manage production demands.

This feature of the t.fabrica platform makes all the tools available to manage production cycles and to acquire information from the various systems, integrating ERP, PLM and materials management system information in one single module.

  • Production and setting up cycles
  • Stock lists and bills of materials
  • ERP integration for production demands management
  • PLM integration and planning systems
  • Open demands management
  • Production orders creation and assignment to the correct work center
  • Management of orders and processing account
  • Integration among company processes
  • Guaranteed planning of all activities through production orders management in all working phases
  • Real time view of order progress status
  • Maximization of the advantages coming from MES system usage
  • Proper assignment of all production resources even in case of lacking specific features on ERP system
  • Compliance with lead time and promise to client