Having all real time detailed or aggregate information that controls the production process is a fundamental requirement.

The ever-growing amount of information that is collected real time demands the availability of tools that allow punctual and quick analysis on the main production aspects, at all company organizational levels and for each feature.

T.fabrica includes a range of tools specifically dedicated to the analysis and display of such information, from OEE management to the analysis of down time causes through the control of orders progress and quantities produced.

A dashboard system accessible through multiple devices allows to organize and control real time information which is important for the stakeholders of the various company functions.

  • Dashboards of performance analysis
  • Searching of parameters and data collected in process by operators and plants
  • Searching on manufacturing orders (final balance, waste, operator declaration)
  • Production down times analysis (Pareto and down times list per shift)
  • OEE dashboard
  • Production, logistics and quality KPI
  • Multi device accessibility
  • External data analysis system integration
  • Creation of custom dashboard for feature/ user to define customized control groups
  • Minimization of intervention times through real time monitoring of all process information
  • Complete overview of relevant information for different organizational levels
  • Real time information accessibility from all devices, including mobile ones
  • Improving process quality thanks to real time analysis
  • Maximization of production efficiency
  • Reduction of anomalies and non conformities removal times
  • Improvement of production quality compliance
  • Minimization of issues identification times
  • Prevention of inefficiencies thanks to the ability of data trends analysis