SME applications

The solution that suits you

The T.fabrica SME applications integrate perfectly with different types of company ERPs (“Enterprise Resource Planning”), providing a complete overview of the production compartment, which is essential for small and medium enterprises.

The SME company processes are in fact strictly connected to one another and this requires the ability to have a 360 degrees overview of the enterprise. The T.fabrica MES system is able to fully adapt to the context of reference, thus proving to be the best solution for SMEs.

The SMEs that intend to set up a process of company digitalization and to be able to manage the production activities in every aspect, need a solution that is:

  • Flexible
  • Agile
  • Inexpensive

Specific advantages for SMEs offered by the T.fabrica MES integration:

  • Dashboard to which the entire factory is connected and from which it is possible to monitor real-time all the production processes
  • Identification of the bottlenecks and of the root causes to intervene promptly on criticalities
  • Monitoring of product quality at all times
  • Removing waste to stabilize production
  • Full understanding of the real product costs, based on the hours spent on production and on the waste produced
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