MES for smart factory

The term Industry 4.0 laid the basis for the creation of the so-called Smart Factory, thanks to the computerization development in industries, specifically the manufacturing ones.

This change became necessary and vital thanks to the most recent technological innovations, such as cyberphysics systems, wireless communication, Internet of things (IoT or IIoT), digitalization, 3D printing, cloud computing, robotics and advanced sensor technology.
In this context the software solutions, starting from MES systems, Manufacturing Execution System, represent a decisive milestone towards the digitalization of every company.

The MES is in fact a computerized data collection system to manage and control the production feature of a company. The management regards orders fulfillment, progress assessment, work status and warehouse monitoring in order to obtain the necessary data for production itself.

The main characteristic of a MES is the ability to synchronize company management and production in order to fill the gap between the planning level and the control level, optimizing the usage of production resources. Employing this tool it is then possible to react immediately to potential production overloads but it is also possible to have real-time knowledge of orders progress, machine state, materials collocation and factory performance.

infographic production line

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